Nov 12, 2010

My Lil' Boy

This is my lil' boy, his name Muhammad Iman'ul Yaqin Bin Muhamad Nadzri. The name that's been chosen by me and husband. He calls me 'Umi' and 'Babah' for my husband. But most of the time, he rather likes to call me 'Mama' or 'Amie'. Whatever lah Iman, as long you will be good boy when you're grown up. Be a pious man who pray gor his parents. Ameen...

Latest Pic of my Iman...

Makan Chicken Rice lagi...

I'm the best one!

Opps...nampak tiak!

Senyum nampak gigi

 Ni pun sama gak, senyum tapi gigi tak nampak

"Main bakul kain nenek lagi best," Iman

Paling sayang dengan Umi
Arghh...showing my tiny teeth

enjoy your life with
your young children while
they still depend on you and
listen most of
your words

Hug your children
...kiss them and smell them
holding them
by their hands for soon you will be
walking, dragging your feet and
holding on to them

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