Apr 26, 2011

Fascinating Kota Bharu & Kota Kinabalu Part II...

After the trip to KB, I flew across the South China Sea to my next destination, Kota Kinabalu (KK). Together with my colleague, we strolled along the KK waterfront wet market one evening, and was excited to find a local night market bursting with activities. Lots of interesting stuff on display.

We spent about a couple of hours at the Water Front on the first evening and found it fascinating, and went there again on the next evening.

The view of  Water Front-wet market from my room in Le Meridien Hotel... 

Salted Fish Market (Pasar Ikan masin) which is situated next to Philiphines Market

Salted fish, anchovies (ikan bilis), dried shrimps (Udang kering) and many others have to be bargained before buying
Varieties of local junk food

One of the exotic food- cucumber sea...See the price.....??! Who's going to buy this?

Various of cucumber sea..Local called it as Chi Poh Cam

I don't know what the 'hanging-thing' s been called but it's really expensive...

See the price tag...?!

KK is the pearl heaven...Various types of pearl & crystal can be found here...Especially at the Philiphines Market...I bought some for my family members & friends as a souvenir...

Strolling in the wet market behind the Philippine Market had made me realised that the raw seafood was excitingly cheap here. "Dua ringgit! Dua ringgit! Dua ringgit!" the sellers chanted, informing the buyers that the fishes were only two ringgit per kilogram. Gossh.... if only they can offer such price in KL/Seremban. The fishes were all very fresh. They were still in their vibrant colours.

First time in my life seeing such a big Tuna @ Ikan Aya (Betul ke nama dia ni)...

The barbecued or grilled seafood were plentiful. Be reminded to ask for the price before you take them. Because the price will make you choke!!!

Fresh Crab

Tiger Prawn not the Lobster ok...hehehe...It's cost RM 35 per pcs

Grilled Fishes

Seaweed...When you eat it, it's will 'pop' in your mouth and melting...Dare to try?

Mouth watering....!

This is ikan ayam...Very nice & you have to test it...

Mr Hubby always talking about the deliciousness of this ikan ayam...So, I took this opportunity to try it...It's taste amazing...

Barbecued chicken wings were tasty! I had four as appetizer before I went for my sumptuous dinner...heheheee
Yes, KK is fascinating!!!

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