Dec 14, 2010

Truly Best Friend that true we still have truly best friend out there? This question always spinning in my mind...Who're your truly best friends? From my view, best friends won't leave you whatever happen... someone who's always by your side thru' happiness & hardship. Who's believe in you while others not. Who's never ever betray & back stab your back. Always remind & guide you whenever you go to the wrong way. Someone who've share the same interest with you. Someone who've never let's you down. Someone who've never been apart because it's so great to be together.

I got a lot of best friends but neither one is truly best friend...Best friend is just the kisses of hellos & goodbyes...When you're at one place, you will get one and after you've to move on, everything will change and all will be forgotten...I don't know why, maybe this is what I've been thru'...moreover, truly best friends is hard to find...Maybe I should be the true best friend of myself, my husband & our own child, children....   

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